Shoot Like An Editor: 7 Tips That Will Make You A More Valuable Shooter

After shooting and editing for a while, I’ve come to really respect both skills. I think more shooters should learn each and learn how to think like an editor when shooting. Check out this tutorial for 7 Tips to shoot more like an editor.

1. Transitional shots

Learning how to shoot transitional shots gives your final piece a great look and a very creative way to create transitions without artificial crossovers and fades.

2. Slate your shots

Using a slate can extended the life of your editor or you. If you have a shoot with multiple scenes, takes and shots a slate can be the best way to organize your footage in post. Trust me, it’ll save your a lot of pain and suffering.

3. Overlap your shots

If you are filming something with a lot of action and several takes and angles, make sure you get the full action recorded from every angle. This will make edited and cutting much easier and give you the largest set of options in post.

4. Get it on film

If you’re shooting interviews, have the talent state their name, title and how it is spelled on film. Later your editor can easily add this info without hunting down emails and names.

5. B-Roll

Always capture more B-roll than you think you need. B-roll is the glue to every video, without them, your piece doesn’t tie together well and you will lose viewers.

6. Practice A Lot

Practicing both editing and shooting can really improve your skills and make you a more well rounded shooter.

7. Keep The Tone In Mind

Knowing what the story is about and what the tone will/could be is very important. The tone of the project often dictates how you film b-roll and other footage. Is the project about something that involves fear? Then shoot handheld and don’t use smooth slider shots.