Cinevate’s Cyclops System

Cinevate recently put out 3 videos showcasing different configurations for their new Cyclops viewfinder. While I have yet to use one, I have no doubt the optics on this unit will be of incredible quality. I am very excited about Cinevate’s new solutions for HDSLR shooters and how they are providing tools to help us achieve more with these great cameras.

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Hurlbut Interview: A Must Listen

I recently listened to the latest episode of the RED Centre podcast, which if you have not subscribed to you should definately check it out, and I really enjoyed the interview section with Jason Wingrove and Shane Hurlbut of HurlbutVisuals. Shane goes over how he is using HDDSLRs to shoot cinema and his custom kits. He also goes over his philosophy behind the use of these DSLRs for filmmaking. And if you are a RED user or fan, hold onto your pants as shane takes a different view on how we look at these cameras as tools. This interview is a MUST LISTEN for anyone who is interested in taking DSLR filmmaking to a whole different level.

You can find the interview at 55:39 in RED Centre episode #056. Click here to listen to the episode, you can find all the episodes and subscribe to RED Centre here. Also be sure to check out this episode’s show notes so you can see Shane’s images from his work as well as photos of his custom kits and rigs.

Some of the show notes photos:

Some of Shane's Custom kit (Photo Credit RED Centre)

Shane's "Man Cam" rig and Ziess glass (Photo Credit RED Centre)

Point of View rig (Photo Credit RED Centre)