Tutorial: Affordably Archiving And Backing Up Old/Finished Projects

All video editors and content creators need hard drive space. And LOTS of it. Here is a great solution for getting old/finished projects off of your computer drives and onto a safe, backed up drive, all on the cheap.

UPDATE: A lot of people are commenting on how this is a bad idea for long-term storage (years). So yes, this isn’t the greatest way to store projects for extended periods of time. But this is still a great way to move data around and store projects. It has worked for me and my clients for several years. Just always make sure you have at least 2 or 3 copies!!!

What You Need

USB 3.0 Adapter: $13

Firewire 800+USB: $59

2x 1TB Drives: $100-125 (or Free if you have old ones)

Fireproof Safe: $25

(Optional): Hard drive cases

RESULT: Solid Backup Solution for $13-185.