Why I Bought a Used Canon 5D Mark II

1. Got it Cheap

I got a good deal on a used body. Of course now I am kicking myself because Canon is selling Refurbished 5DmkII’s for under $1800 at the moment (new going price is $2199 today on B&H). This HAD to happen a few days after I got a really good offer and bought a used one… Oh well. My point is if you are patient you can find a good deal. The 5D and 7D are both super tough cameras and I feel very safe buying used because of that.

2. I Don’t Think the Price of the 5D2 Will Go Down

I could be wrong but I really don’t think the price of new 5DmkII’s will be going down anytime soon. If you read the comments from this post a lot of people are excited about the 5D3 only because they think the 5D2 will go down in price… The 5D2 still holds a lot of value, so I don’t think we will be seeing a price drop because the demand isn’t going away.

3. Its About Time

I’ve been shooting with the 7D for 2.5 years and have loved it. Still has a lot over the 5D. BUT da-mn that full frame sensor image is incredible. I’ve shot with the 5D before but owning one and using it with all my lenses has been soooo much fun. And still having an APS-C now gives me double the lens use.

4. Resell Value

The pro level DSLR bodies seem to hold a lot of value over the years. So I think I will get a decent amount when I sell of my camera bodies to upgrade down the road.

5. I Need It

Lets not forget why we be buy gear in the first place… I’ve said before a lot of what I do involves interviews and a lot of the time these interviews are in tight areas. That larger sensor is going to be so nice in an A/B camera setup. She outa tag team nicely with the 7D. So bye bye Sony 5n. Its been real.


If you can afford the 5D3 then go for it (good write up here on that subject). I don’t think it’s a wise move in my situation. A 5D2 is a fun cam and heck, it’s been good enough for some big gigs so I am happy.

So what’s your take on the subject? You making any moves to/from a 5D?