Wooden Camera Rosette Gear Review

I’ve been meaning to do a post on Rosette gear for a while. Rosettes are the best way to mount gear hands down. If something on your rig need to bear weight, you should use rosettes if possible. The most popular rosette gear is handles. Today we’re going to look at some rosette handles, arms and a bolt on rosette accessory from Wooden Camera.

891086Wooden Camera Rosette Handles $195

Product Description

The Rosette Handle features a brown leather handle, an ARRI-standard rosette, and a thumbscrew. This rosette handle can be attached to Bolt on Rosette (ARRI), Crossbar, Rosette Arm, or any other ARRI-standard equipment but cannot be used with RED Rosette.

891080Wooden Camera Rosette Arm $250

Product Description

The Rosette Arm consists of ARRI-standard rosettes on opposite ends and an M6 adjustable thumbscrew on one end. The Rosette Arm is for use with Crossbar, Bolt on Rosette (ARRI), Rosette Handle, and other ARRI-compatible rosette equipment.

980070Wooden Camera Rosette Bracket $189

Product Description

The Rosette Bracket provides ARRI standard rosettes for attaching handles, extension arms, and 3rd party ARRI rosette accessories. The bracket can clamp directly to 15mm lightweight rods or can be attached to the front of Quick Base

890895Wooden Camera Bolt-On Rosette Plate $99

Product Description

The Bolt-On Rosette Plate features a stainless steel rosette with M6 internal threads. It can be attached to 2 or more 1/4-20 holes spaced up to 1.69” / 43mm apart center to center.