Best Budget DSLR Video Shoulder Rig

DSLR videos rigs come in all shapes and sizes and these days there are endless options available. But there is only one rig that is cheap, customizable and durable enough to last over 3 years without trouble.

I’ve had the Cowboy Studio support rig for over 3 years and it works as well as it did the day I got it. I love a lot of things about this rig.

  • It’s Cheap – $30 isn’t bad for a rig that lasts 3+ years (don’t know when mine will die). This gives you more room for other accessories like I mention in the review
  • It’s Tough – I’ve put this little rig through a lot. And even though it is plastic, it’s still trucking with me.
  • It’s Comfortable – While everyones body is a little different, I’ve found that this is a very comfortable rig to shoot on

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