Update: Cheap Shoulder Rig Works Perfectly for HDSLR Work

UPDATE: I updated this video so make sure you check out the new version here with all the updated gear.

Getting into the HDSLR game isn’t a cheap move. While there are cheap rigs and gear out there, often they are poorly build and/or limited to only a few uses. This rig, on the other hand, is one that I really like using and its only $20 (price varies these days).

CowboyStudio Rig on Amazon.

Parts List

Old Video

In Action

After shooting this podcast episode, I had the opportunity to shoot with this rig on a music video. Joe Van Auken and myself worked camera op using the second rig setup I mention in the podcast. I will share the video with you when it is released.

QuickTime File: DSLR Video Shooter Episode #010.