Episode 35: Top Five Video Monopods For HDSLRs Compared

Monopods are one of the greatest tools a shooter can have. If you do any kind of event or heavy b-roll shooting, you should be seriously considering investing in a monopod. In this episode I take a look at 5 monopod solutions from $30-$300.

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I Stand corrected on the Manfrotto 560B. Brent Barrie raised the point that the 560B works great when using other tripod heads. So while its not ready out of the box you could add your own tripod head. So if you are strapped for cash, but you had another tripod head on a slider for example, you could use it on the 560B. Keep in mind by the time you add a decent tripod head you will be closer to the price of the 561. The 701 head on the 561 monopod is the dream team. The quick release tab is super fast when using a DSLR that alone is worth the extra money to me.

So there you go. If you want a great monopod leg and your own tripod head grab the 560B.
If you want a monopod and a killer tripod head and don’t plan on removing it all the time check out the 561.

Monopods on Amazon:

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Tripod Head I use with the Slik
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Acebil MP-60V
Manfrotto 560B-1
Manfrotto 561BHDV-1