Affordable FD Lenses For HDSLR Use

FD lenses are old manual Canon lenses that became almost completely obsolete by the EOS mount Canon cameras. What is so great about these lenses is their crazy low price. I picked up 3 lenses (50mm F1.8, 135mm F2.8, 80-200mm F3.9) for $50 on ebay.

To use these lenses with your Canon EOS camera you will need an adaptor. I had heard bad things about the cheapo adaptors so I picked up the Fotodiox FD to EOS for $30 which works great. I have already dropped it and it took it well.


  • Soft image when wide open
  • Loss of .6 stops of light
  • Crop factor of 1.26
  • Manual Lens


  • Quality of lens body
  • Crop factor (can be useful)
  • Price of lenses

QuickTime File: DSLR Video Shooter Episode #011.