Pillow Fight HDSLR Music Video Project

The Project: A Couple months ago I was approached by Director Kaj Kjellesvig to help shoot a music video. The Goal for this video was to create a vessel to generate ad revenue and encourage people to donate towards the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

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Production: The video was shot over the course of 2 days and over 4 locations in the Chicago area on a Canon 7D.
Only 2 lenses were use for this video. A Canon 17-55mm F4-5.6 and a Tokina 50-135mm F2.8.
All handheld footage was shot on the Cowboy Rig (see podcast episode on the rig here).
For lighting we used a Kino Flo and Arri Fresnel Lights with foam core boards for reflection/bounce.
Editing was done on FCP and slow motion footage was treated through Twixtor.

If you are interested in donating to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, or learning more about the disease please visit their website. Also subscribe to Media with a Mission’s Youtube channel for more content and trailers.

Production Stills:

Cast and Crew:

Director/Music/Writing: Kaj Kjellesvig
Executive Producer: Robert Staebel
Line Producer: Aaqib Usman
Director of Photography: J Van Auken
Edited by: John Sawyer
Camera Operator: Caleb Pike
Starring: Aaron Fronk, Vinny DeGaetano, Homam Nasser, Mollie Nasser, Craig Deering and Kaj Kjellesvig
Visual Effects: Brantley Ping
Additional Motion Graphics and Set Photography: Kris Wade-Matthews
Animation: Chris Roman
Production Assistant: Nick Przebienda
Moral Support: Irene Mahmud, Yasmine Garcia, Nick Przebienda
Recording Engineer: Robert Staebel