Wednesday Rigging: 3 Configurations with 1 DSLR Shoulder Rig

DSLR Rig Review

I don’t always use rigs… But when I do, I find that I tend to want to alter the form factor several times during a shoot. This is, of course, impossible. Having to break out tools on set and tinker with rigs isn’t efficient or possible at all. But after playing with some gear, I think I have found a great solution. Using the Polaroid DSLR Rig and some other parts, I’ve made a small shoulder padded rig that can instantly break into 3 different configurations.

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HDSLR Coverage from NAB 2010

A lot of great stuff coming out of NAB this year. I just want to give a special Thank you to Matt Jeppsen and Kendal Miller from FreshDV for their killer coverage of NAB 2010. You can view all of their interviews and videos here. Be sure to also check out Cinema5D for NAB goodies, and DLSR News Shooter for more great coverage as well.

Here are just a few HDSLR picks from NAB 2010:

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