Guide To Finding Music For Your Videos: 15 Great Music Websites


One of the hardest tasks in filmmaking is finding the right music for your project. And while composing is a fantastic idea, most people cannot afford to hire a composer for every project. That brings us to the wonderful world of royalty free music (dripping with sarcasm). Lets be honest, trying to find the right track for your video sucks. Hours and hours can be spent looking and searching Google just to find nothing.

I put together this guide for filmmakers in mind. First we will go over licenses, then looks at a list of my favorite royalty/creative commons music websites for video.

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Monday Like: Cars I See – 1984 Porsche 930

Found this short documentary on Vimeo last week. Really enjoyed it’s clean, simple and elegant flow. Also check out the Cars I See Vimeo profile for a couple other videos.

From the Vimeo description:

This is a story of one man’s 28 year journey to own a Porsche 930. Jim Goodlett’s 1984 grey market 930 Turbo is a beautiful example of a classic Porsche 911, but it also represents the accomplishment of a goal he set for himself as a young man who could only dream of one day owning this supercar.

Many thanks to Jim Goodlett for sharing his time and his story.

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Monday Likes: Videos For inspiration

With all these camera announcements, specs, and “Game Changers” its easy to forget what our game is about. Football isn’t about the materials use to make the ball, or the brand of shoe used. Its about still, passion and discipline. Todays post is just going to be some videos I recently found that inspired me. I am not going into what camera they were shot with, or what lenses were used.

So be inspired, convicted and encouraged to go out and create this week.

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