5 Skills That Will Make You a More Valuable Filmmaker

There are tons of skills that will make you a better filmmaker, but have found these 5 skills to be invaluable. Here are 5 skills that I like to see in filmmakers I hire or 5 skills he/she is willing to develop. Watch the video above to see all 5 tips and read the conclusion below to see the payoff of mastering these skills.

1. Knowing How to Stage Gear

Staging gear is a crucial step in production. Knowing how to stage gear makes things easier to find through the shoot and also help move production along. If the video above, I talk about how I recommend you stage gear and specifically lights.

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Powerful Short Film Shows Us Less is More

Found this incredible short on No Film School and thought I’d share a though with you guys, but first take a look:

While attending Vincent Laforet’s Directing Motion Tour there was one thing Vincent said that I couldn’t forget, “The more subtle you are as a directer the better you’ll be.” Vincent made this statement while showing a war scene that was short and to the point and was better for it without all the extravagance of VFX.

In this short piece, the writers and director could have zoomed out to show a larger picture, but they decided to focus everything on the moments and emotions of a little girl and nothing else.

How can you be more subtle in your next film?

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My 720P Beats Your 4K Any day – A Video From Director Ken Simpson

Ken Simpson posted this video in response and agreement to my recent article titled Why We Need To Rethink How We Value Cameras And Gear. As I watched Ken’s video, I could hear the hardcore Red folks screaming at their screens as they would spout off reasons they think Ken is wrong.

Watch the video and share your thoughts. Do you think Ken is right?

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The Future Of Filmmaking: Seed And Spark

seed-and-sparkThe title of this video is a bold statement. “The Future of Filmmaking” is not something just anyone claims to be a part of. But I think the folks at Seed & Spark are onto something with their idea.

The founders of Seed & Spark take a different look at Crowd funding, distribution, film revenue and finding cool films. Check out the video below and consider supporting this fantastic outfit and service!

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Episode 007: Interview with Ken Simpson and Alex Dacev

Stop talking and make a film…

I had the great pleasure of speaking with director Ken Simpson and DP Alex Dacev, two filmmakers from Canada. In the podcast we discuss filmmaking, using the 5D for narrative film, tools, post production, and tips on starting in filmmaking.

Click here for the audio only version.

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