Video Lenses

Caleb’s lens recommendations DSLR cameras and cinema cameras like the C100, C300 and FS700. Choose from the categories below to find lenses.

rokinon-85-208x208Prime Lenses

These are fixed focal length lenses that are great for video. Fixed focal leg the lenses are often sharper, more affordable than zooms and have much faster apertures for shallow depth of field.

sigma-18-35-208x208Zoom Lenses

Zoom lenses usually aren’t as fast as primes and they can be more expensive. But you obviously will have a lot more flexibility with framing since you can change the focal length.


Vintage Manual Lenses

I love vintage manual lenses. You can often get them much cheaper than new electronic lenses and they have super smooth focusing rings for beautiful manual focusing. These lenses can also work on a wider range of camera mounts since they have no proprietary electronic mounts.


Specialty Lenses (coming soon)

These are the strange birds amongst lenses who maybe don’t get used much, but can give you a look that other lenses can’t create.