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Filming Japan: A Journey Between Tradition And Modernity

This is a Guest Post by Nick Arcivos and Ryan Earl on how they filmed this great project about Japan. Enjoy!

This short film presents Japan from Kyoto to Tokyo and Nara through authentic scenes of Japanese lifestyle. It was shot in 2 weeks and was created by Nick Arcivos and Ryan Earl from AmnesiArt. They share their insights on how they shoot the film, what gear they use and why they chose it.

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100 Cats Released in IKEA

This must have been one of the most difficult productions. Ever. Not only are you dealing with a herd of uncontrollable felines, but you’re releasing them into an environment loaded with nooks and crannies. Brilliant marketing in the ad, but not one I would want to produce!

IKEA cats advert

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Monday Like: Like Horses

Most people don’t know this about me, but I actually worked on a Ranch most of my summers as a teen and I lived on one for a year before moving to Chicago. So when I saw this video I could relate to the environments. Not so much the english stuff though, I have always been more of a western guy.

Like Horses

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