Post Production Tutorials

Learn how to edit, color correct and grade your videos.

Color Correcting and Grading GH4 Video


There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a video DSLR/Mirrorless camera these days. A lot of people are going back and forth between the idea of owning a GH4, C100, 5D Mark III or Sony A7s. 4K vs 1080p, frame rates, low light, sensor size and many other features need to be thought through, but in this post, I’m putting all that aside to talk about something that easily gets overlooked.

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How I Film and Edit My Videos

In this video I break down my production and post production process for filming my show. Check out the gear list below.

UPDATE: If your using FCP X you’d be much better off editing WITHIN the multi cam instead of creating a project and pasting your camera angles there. That said, if you in FCP 7 or Premiere, the method I used in the video will work fine.

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Best Hard Drives For the Traveling Editor

I’ve tried so many different hard drives over the past 5 years of editing and I’ve found one brand to make the best mobile drives.

1. G-technology G-Drive Slim

The name says it all. At a few millimeters thicker than a iPhone, this is one of the thinest drives you can buy. I like to use this drive for dailies, extra backups and as a general use drive.

Check out Caleb’s review on the G-Drive Slim:

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My 720P Beats Your 4K Any day – A Video From Director Ken Simpson

Ken Simpson posted this video in response and agreement to my recent article titled Why We Need To Rethink How We Value Cameras And Gear. As I watched Ken’s video, I could hear the hardcore Red folks screaming at their screens as they would spout off reasons they think Ken is wrong.

Watch the video and share your thoughts. Do you think Ken is right?

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Guide To Finding Music For Your Videos: 15 Great Music Websites


One of the hardest tasks in filmmaking is finding the right music for your project. And while composing is a fantastic idea, most people cannot afford to hire a composer for every project. That brings us to the wonderful world of royalty free music (dripping with sarcasm). Lets be honest, trying to find the right track for your video sucks. Hours and hours can be spent looking and searching Google just to find nothing.

I put together this guide for filmmakers in mind. First we will go over licenses, then looks at a list of my favorite royalty/creative commons music websites for video.

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Tutorial: Affordably Archiving And Backing Up Old/Finished Projects

All video editors and content creators need hard drive space. And LOTS of it. Here is a great solution for getting old/finished projects off of your computer drives and onto a safe, backed up drive, all on the cheap.

UPDATE: A lot of people are commenting on how this is a bad idea for long-term storage (years). So yes, this isn’t the greatest way to store projects for extended periods of time. But this is still a great way to move data around and store projects. It has worked for me and my clients for several years. Just always make sure you have at least 2 or 3 copies!!!

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FILMLOOKS: Free and Affordable Film Scans for Videos

Film scans layered over digital video is pretty subjective… You either love it or hate it. I personally think it has a place in certain projects. I’ve written about CineGrain in the past… And while I still think they have some of the best scans out there, they are definitely pricy. Film Looks has some free scans and a huge library of affordable scans for your project. Check them out!

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Win A Free Song License From The Music Bed

Guest post by  Mary Kate of The Music Bed.

Next page…next page…face palm…head on keyboard.

Does this sequence sounds familiar to you? You might be one of the thousands of filmmakers suffering from “I’m out of my mind trying to find a relevant song for my video..itis.” Fear not, your friends here at The Music Bed have taken the grunt work out of the search for quality tunes to fit your films.

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Episode: 006: How to Remove Horizontal Band Lines from DSLR Footage

A Simple solution to removing those nasty brown horizontal band lines from your DSLR video footage using Final Cut Pro’s 3 Way Color Corrector.

Excuse my cold. I see this problem a lot online in forum posts, Vimeo videos, and even Jem Schofield runs into it. While the best way to deal with it is not to shoot under older florescence lights, there is a way to fix previously capture footage.

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10 Must Read HDSLR Guides For Filmmakers

The HDSLR community is a rich one; there are hundreds of great guides out there to help us get more out of these cameras. Here are just 10. If you know of other noteworthy guides do share!

1. Which Video DSLR to Buy? By Philip Bloom

Over on Philip Bloom’s website, Phil breaks down each of the current HDSLRs and exploits pros and cons. This is a great guide for anyone looking to understand the differences. Phil has lived day in and day out with each of these cameras so no one is more qualified than he to compare them for us.

2. Picture Style: How Do You Choose? By Shane Hurlbut

Shane Hurlbut has for a while now been using HDSLRs for filmmaking and sharing info from his experience. This is a great little guide in which Shane shares some tips on fine-tuning your picture styles.

3. Color Correcting Canon 7D Footage By Stu Maschwitz

Color correction is a crucial step in production, and can be a little tricky when working with DSLR footage. In this guide Stu Maschwitz walks us through “massaging” footage and how to get the most out of the camera.

4. 180 Degree Shutter: Learn It, Live It, Love It By Tyler Ginter

Most DSLR users shooting video either come from a video background and don’t understand shutter degrees or come from photography and use the shutter speed at several different speeds. In this guide, Tyler clearly breaks down both what the 180 degree shutter rule is, and how to apply it to video and specifically HDSLRs. Excellent guide Tyler!

5. How to Increase the Canon 7D Dynamic Range By Luka

In this video tutorial Luka shows us a picture style for getting the most dynamic range out of the Canon 7D / 5DMkII for better grading in post.

6. Audio Options for Hybrid Cameras By P3Pictures

This is a very extensive comparison of several options for audio recording with HDSLR cameras. Jon Fairhurst tests each mic and recording option under several different situations and compares the outcomes. Definitely a guide to check out.

7. Making of “The Last 3 Minutes” By Hurlbut Visuals

Shane Hurlbut takes us through the making of the short “THE LAST THREE MINUTES” directed by Po Chan. In this series Shane shows us how he lit, shot, and composed each scene. This is an invaluable series for anyone interested in filmmaking and HDSLRs.

8.Syncing A/V Shot on a DSLR and Zoom Using FCP and Pluraleyes By Philip Bloom

Syncing separate sound in post can be a slow and annoying process. Pluraleyes from Singular Software does it all for you automatically. In this video Phil shows us just how easy it is to sync sound with the 5d.

9. Color Correction: Put Your Best Foot Forward By Shane Hurlbut

In this guide Shane breaks down color correction and camera settings for using HDSLRs for film. Be sure to check out the section on balancing camera color!

10. How to make video time lapse from DSLR stills By Philip Bloom

Since the HDSLRs are epic still cameras, why not capture images to create a time lapse? Phil shows us how.


There are several other great guides out there for HDSLR users and I would love to hear about them. So drop me a comment and I will be sure to add other guides to future posts. Thanks for reading and sharing!