Lighting Tutorials

Learn what lights to use, how to light your videos and other lighting tips and tricks.

Video Shows Us Why Getting Your Key Light Right is Critical

There are infinite ways to light talent with a key light and many of us slap our lights on stands for a quick interview without thinking much about it. But the fact is, light can actually change how we view the geometry of people’s faces. This incredible video shows us just how drastic a light angle change can make in the rendered shape of someone’s face.

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My Key Light Gear for Filming Interviews

I have filmed LOTS of interviews over the past 4 years, more than I could possibly count. Many look bad in my opinion, but when you do that many interviews you pick up a lot of lighting tricks and tools. In today’s video I show you how to build a key light rig that I use.

Why this kit rocks

  • Affordable – $300-$800 depending on the lights you use.
  • Efficient – Tear down and setup is fast. Not to mention you can move the whole setup easily.
  • Luminously Lush – The more light you have the more flexibility you have to light your set.
  • Upgradable – This kit will grow with you for decades. Just swap out lights and go.

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How To Setup A Studio In Your Home

I’ve been asked to show my lighting setup many times, so here it is! I also demonstrate how I setup focus, audio and more before I shoot a podcast episode. This involves both natural light and setting up a few lights to polish the look.

I don’t have a studio and have to make do with what I have, so if you are shooting out of your home this should be a helpful guide to making your space work.

Gear I Use For Each Episode

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